Terms of services


E-BILET OÜ, located at: Karu tn 14 - 8, Tallinn, 10120, Estonia, identification number: 16499510, a company which maintains the Website, owns the right to the Website and is granted the rights and obligations under these Terms.

Offers an unlimited number of individuals and legal entities to enter into this agreement on the provision of services (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") as follows:

this web-site - https://e-bilet.eu/ (hereinafter referred to as the “Web-site”) is intended exclusively for the following exhaustive list of purposes:

  • professional assistance in searching and providing information about the trip;
  • preparatory activities for travel planning by providing related services in the form of competent selection of service provider, booking or ticket purchase.

The following terms are used to denote the Contractor in this Agreement:

  • “We”;
  • “Us”;
  • “Our”;
  • “Company”;
  • “Agency”;
  • “E-Bilet.eu”.

The following words apply to the user of this Web-site who has visited it and/or left a request for the Service:

  • “You”;
  • “Your”;
  • “User”;
  • “Customer”;
  • “Passenger”.

Customer means the recipient of services in accordance with the instructions in the order, and is a capable adult (according to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia) natural person who has entered into the contractual relationship with E-Bilet.eu, and has the right to do so.

Order means the Client's application related to the payment for the Provider's services and/or ticket booking, made in one of the following ways:

  • online;
  • through the Customer Care Service of the Company (e-mail, chat on the Web-site, telephone orders, groups on social networks).

Provider means a natural and/or legal person or their agent that provides services under the agreements with E-Bilet.eu:

  • booking of air and train tickets;
  • booking of bus tickets;
  • hotel;
  • on transportation and rent of transport;
  • additional services;

Booking system means an information system owned by third parties that provides the following factual services provided by the Providers:

  • flight schedule;
  • number of available seats for the flight;
  • tariffs for passenger transportation, including rail, bus transport;
  • rules of transportation;
  • amount of hotel rooms and other places for Customer accommodation, etc.

Agreement means a set of concepts and conditions under which a full agreement between the Customer and E-Bilet.eu is reached.

If you don’t accept one, several, or all the terms of the Agreement, please, do not use the Web-site.

The Agreement enters into force, and the following conditions are accepted by the Customer in full and unconditionally from the following moment:

  • opening any page of the Web-site;
  • use of any service of the Web-site.

At the same time, the Customer undertakes to independently control possible changes in the Agreement, the right to which remains with us without exception regarding the time of making the changes, as well as their retention.

If you continue using the Web-site, it is treated as consent to all hypothetical changes and amendments to the Web-site.

If you disagree with this Agreement in part or in full, you must stop using the Web-site as soon as possible and leave it.

If you have any questions, please contact us using the online chat, write by E-mail: [email protected] or call our Customer Care Service by phone: +372 6 88-81-58.

Calls are accepted on Monday through Friday from 09:00 to 19:00, Saturday from 10:00 to 16:00. The cost of the call is determined by the tariffs of your provider.

1. Terms of use of the Web-site

As stated in the Terms of Use of the Web-site, if you stay on the Web-site, you automatically confirm the following information about yourself:

  • you are of age;
  • you have legal capacity required for contractual relations with E-Bilet.eu;
  • you agree to comply with all rules and conditions established by the Web-site;
  • personal information provided to the Web-site under the Terms of Use is as full as possible and does not contain false or contradictory information.

If the user of the Web-site is an intermediary for booking or purchasing the services of Providers for third parties, the user undertakes to inform third parties of all relevant information (terms of tariff, booking, etc.) relating to them in connection with such actions of the user.

When booking or purchasing the services of the Providers for yourself or third parties in person, you confirm the commitment to take measures to avoid duplication of orders or booking.

The User of the Web-site confirms that in case of occurrence of commercial risks (fines, agency fees, registration fees, etc.) when using the Web-site, the consequences are accepted exclusively at the User’s expense.

The Customer confirms that he has read, understood the meaning and agrees with the following:

  • requirements that document the booking or purchase of the Provider’s services, and does not object to their preparation;
  • rules of Providers for the provision of services;
  • norms and procedure of border/customs control;
  • norms governing the maintenance and use of banking products in connection with transactions to pay for the Provider’s services.

The language of the Agreement and the language of the Web-site.

The language of the Agreement and the Web-site is English, which takes priority over other versions offered on the Web-site. The Rules for Services Provision/ Tariff Rules available while Booking (when discussing the Booking) may be in English with an available automatic translation to the language you choose. By making a booking, you agree to the terms and conditions set out in the Rules for Services Provision/ Tariff Rules and undertake to familiarize yourself with them independently before the completion of the booking. By completing the booking you confirm your unconditional acceptance of the Rules for Services Provision/ Tariff Rules and you bear sole responsibility for all the risks related to such booked Services in accordance with the agreed conditions. By booking a Service (one or several), you agree to independently check whether the Rules for Services Provision/ Tariff Rules are consistent with each separate Service. By accepting the Agreement, you confirm that you clearly understand the conditions of the Agreement, the Rules for Services Provision/ Tariff Rules in relation to each separate Service as well as all other messages and information on the Web-site that are provided in the language of the Agreement. By accepting this offer, the User agrees that the services offered by Customer Care Service in writing or verbally will be provided in English, Ukrainian or Russian, and full information on the standard terms and conditions of the Agreement required to execute the Agreement was presented to the Customer in the language they have selected (the language of the Web-site is English).

2. Actions to Prepare an Order

A service can be ordered on the Web-site after registration on the Web-site.

If the user has not registered himself/herself, E-Bilet.eu has the right to register them automatically after placing an order without authorization.

In both cases, E-Bilet.eu disclaims any responsibility for incorrect information provided by the User, and the User confirms that:

  • they have provided the correct e-mail address and/or contact telephone number;
  • these contact details are freely and lawfully available to the User;
  • they have correctly entered their passport data when placing an order on the Web-site. In case of an error, if the service has not yet been issued and does not entail penalties from the Service Provider, the agency issues a refund to the Client based on a refund request;
  • destination, dates of departures and number of passengers.

We always have the right at any time, without explaining the reasons, to decline the right to use the resources of our Web-site, including by terminating access to the Web-site, in case of violations of the terms of the Agreement, as well as in case of other circumstances.

3. Personal Data Protection (Privacy Policy)

The terms and conditions of personal data protection form an integral part of this Agreement, and are set forth as follows.

4. Prohibited activities

Our property, as well as the property of Providers and partners who cooperate with us, includes:

  • information posted on the Web-site;
  • infrastructure designed to ensure the functioning of the Web-site.

The User undertakes without the written permission of the Agency:

  • not to track or copy any content of the Web-site by any means, including automated;
  • not to include any part of this Web-site in any other web-site by iframe, mirroring or any other means.

The User is prohibited to:

  • take measures that impose or threaten excessive or disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of this Web-site;
  • take measures that complicate or limit access to this Web-site and its content;
  • to take speculative, fraudulent actions, including illegal bookings and orders.

You agree that by being on the Web-site and using its services, information, software and other products:

  • not to copy them;
  • not to change them;
  • not to distribute or transmit them;
  • not to reproduce them;
  • not to publish;
  • not to license;
  • not to create derivative products;
  • not to sell or resell them.

These restrictions do not include actions with copies of route receipts and accompanying documents for booking or payment for services.

5. Disclaimer

5.1 E-Bilet.eu undertakes to ensure that the information on the Website is accurate and reliable. You acknowledge, understand and agree that the information about the Services presented in different sections or pages of the Website (schedules, arrival/departure of vehicles, descriptions of services, photos, media files, rankings, guides, weather, currency rates, news about tourism, information about countries, cities, events, prices, fares, discounts, etc.) is provided by the corresponding sources of such information, including the Service Providers/Carriers, or is obtained from public sources, shall be used for information purposes only and is presented for your convenience. Since all the information published on the Web-site is obtained from the corresponding sources of such information, including the Carriers and Service Providers, and to the best knowledge of and careful selection by the information suppliers, the Agency does not provide an independent review of all the information provided. Due to this, such information may contain inaccuracies and errors, including errors in prices, fares and other financial information. The Agency undertakes to correct the inaccurate information on the Website within a reasonable period of time. The Agency does not make any representations regarding the use of the information on the Website, and does not guarantee that the information is complete, accurate, correct, useful, relevant, verified and does not contain any errors (including any types of errors, whether explicit or printing), etc., and shall not be liable if the Customer uses such information, as well as for all associated losses.

5.2. E-Bilet.eu shall bear no responsibility for any and all actions or failures to act, errors, omissions, warnings, representations, warranties, violation or negligence of any of the Service Providers/Carriers; or for any personal injury, death, property damage or other damages or extra costs, resulting from the above, therefore the Agency shall not be obliged to compensate any losses incurred. The Agency shall not be liable for and will not make any payments or reimburse for any damages and additional costs incurred during or resulting from the use of the Agency Services or Additional Services, including, but not limited to, in the event of any delay, cancellation, rerouting, loss of or damage to baggage or hand luggage, force majeure circumstances, changes in the cost of the Services and fares, cancellation of sale, cancellation of paid or unpaid Agency Services or Additional Services or caused by other events beyond its direct control.

5.3. E-Bilet.eu does not guarantee uninterrupted, error-free, unimpeded, timely, secure operation of the Web-site. The Agency does not guarantee and assume any responsibility for the uninterrupted and error-free Internet connection, as well as the Agency does not guarantee the quality of the various channels of public communication, telephone networks or services, computer systems, servers or providers, computer or phone equipment, software, email services, which the User uses to access the Web-site, order Services or communicate with the Customer Care Service. The Agency shall not be liable for any failures caused by poor connection when the User is selecting services, is paying for the Booking or providing other information, and/or tickets/electronic digital documents are being issued.

5.4. E-Bilet.eu does note make any representations and does not guarantee that the Website, its components, servers or any e-mail messages are free from viruses, errors or other damaging elements. The Agency does not bear any responsibility for the use of the software (including in respect of its quality, reliability) on the Web-site. The User shall take all the measures required to protect their equipment or software from possible destructive elements, such as viruses, when using this Website or other websites accessible via hyperlinks on this Website. The Agency recommends using only licensed software (including antivirus software).

5.5. The Website may contain hyperlinks to the websites that belong to and are operated by third parties. Such hyperlinks may be provided for the User’s convenience and for reference only. The User acknowledges that the Agency does not control such websites and external resources, does not support them and bears no responsibility for their performance, content, advertisements, products or other information contained on them, as well as for the consequences of their use. The use of such hyperlinks to such websites does not imply that the Agency approves materials posted on such websites, or is associated with their owners in any manner. The use of hyperlinks to websites and data from such websites (e.g., Google Maps) shall be subject to the rules of use of such websites and their data processing policies. The User shall read these rules personally and comply with them.

5.6. Under no circumstances shall the Agency be liable for any damages and losses incurred in the following cases:

  • if the User does not know or fails to comply with provisions of these Terms, failure to familiarize with the Rules for Service Provision/Tariff Rules of the selected Service Providers/Carriers, and peculiarities of provision of the Services by the Agency;
  • if the User neglects security and protection measures in relation to personal, payment and other data;
  • if third parties obtain unauthorized access to the "My Account" section and User’s personal and other data, which resulted in damages to the User;
  • if communication systems fail to deliver, or the User fails to read, the emails or SMS messages in relation to the Web-site and booking of Services sent by the Agency/Carrier/Service Provider/Payment System;
  • if the User fails to provide reliable, sufficient and accurate information and documents, or the User violates the provisions of these Terms;
  • if for any reason the Customer/Passenger fails to provide duly executed documents, required to receive the Services and specified in these Terms or by the Carrier/Service Provider;
  • actions of third parties, including, but not limited to the actions of customs and immigration authorities, as well as such that limit the Passenger’s rights to leave the country of departure or any point of departure, or entry into the country of arrival by the competent authorities of the corresponding country;
  • actions by consulates, embassies or visa centers of foreign countries, including delay, rejection or changes to visa issuance terms.

5.7. According to these Terms, the Agency shall not:

  • be considered as a co-provider of the Services with the Service Providers/Carriers and shall no be involved in the disputes between the Customer/Passenger and the Carrier/Service Provider;
  • provide legal/consulting services including those regarding the foreign legislation; requirements to the documents (including, but not limited to visas) required for entry into the territory of a foreign state, to leave the territory of a foreign state, for transit through a foreign state, etc.; requirements related to border, customs, sanitary, veterinary, quarantine, phytosanitary control established by the legislation of a foreign state;
  • represent the User’s or the Passenger’s interests in their relations with the Carriers/Service Providers, as well as other persons involved in the provision of the Services. The Carriers/Service Providers shall bear the responsibility in relation to the Services being provided in compliance with the applicable legislation. The Purchaser and Passengers shall bear sole responsibility for failure to submit claims to the Service Providers/Carriers in a timely manner or failure to comply with the regulations and norms including legal requirements.

5.8. The User acknowledges and agrees that if the Agency cannot provide access to the Web-site and its Services in case of a force majeure, such event is not considered as a breach of any obligation by the Agency hereunder.

5.9. Under no circumstances shall the Agency, its representatives, agents, employees, and partners bear any responsibility to the User or to any third party for any indirect, incidental, derivative or punitive damages or loss, loss of profit, loss of data or access to data, loss of goodwill, or incidental damage and additional costs resulting from the inability to use or from the use of the Web-site and purchase of the Services.

5.10. Hereunder the Agency shall be liable only for intentional, direct actual damage resulting from the failure to fulfill its obligations, as confirmed but the court order in force. The occurrence of such failure shall be the fault of the Agency and in any case the limits of such liability cannot exceed in the aggregate the higher of:

  • (i) the price of the ordered service, or
  • (ii) the amount equivalent to one hundred EUR.

This provision represents the agreed allocation of risk between the User and the Agency and shall be interpreted in favor of the Agency, its representatives, agents, employees, or partners. The restrictions stipulated by this clause shall remain valid and binding even when it is impossible to reimburse the damages of the injured party in full.

5.11. The User understands and agrees that the liability of the Service Providers/Carriers for death, personal injury and others, as well as for loss of baggage is limited by national legislation, international agreements or the rules of the Carriers/Service Providers.

5.12 Repeated (2 or more times) orders of the Providers’ services, based on identical search parameters, entails the creation of a similar number of pre-bookings that require completion and payment (if prepayment is required), and the Customer understands this principle of the Web-site and agrees to it.

5.13 If for any reason the Customer has not completed the booking of the Provider's services, a letter informing about the unpaid order will be sent to the e-mail specified by the Customer, which will contain:

  • offer to complete the purchase;
  • the corresponding link, the use of which entails the completion of the booking operation.

5.14 If you need to make sure that you do not take action to place an Order on the Site or third-party resources during your search and until you receive a letter with a proposal to complete the purchase, booking which you doubt, we recommend that you contact:

  • Customer Care Service of the Company;
  • Customer Support Service of the bank-issuer of your bank card

5.15. You acknowledge that the Customer Care Service of E-Bilet.eu has at its disposal information relating only to the status of bookings made on the Web-site.

If the Customer has made a reservation by following the link in the above mentioned letter, not intending to complete the reservation, the Company shall bear no responsibility for such actions of the Customer, and the latter shall bear full responsibility.

You have the right not to place the Order or pay for it only if the booking is not completed.

The Company shall not be liable to the Users and Customers for the actions of third-party services for failure to provide or provision of inaccurate information about the booking.

5.16 Payment for booking the service is made within the period specified by:

  • the Carrier;
  • the Provider.

The Agency has no right to influence the adjustment of the payment deadline in any way, and in case of cancellation of unpaid Bookings it disclaims any responsibility.

Due to technical failures, it is possible that the Customer will be notified of the incomplete booking of the Order by an email with a link, the use of which provides payment for the booking. If such an Order has been paid by the Customer after the booking procedure, which is confirmed by debiting the corresponding amount of the Order from their account, the Customer undertakes to refrain from any actions aimed at completing the booking until the Customer Care Service of the Company clarifies the order information.

The Company is not responsible for the creation of double bookings by completing each of them, for repeated payment for the already placed Order by another debit of the Order price from the Customer's account, as well as for all consequences due to the fact that the Customer has not taken action to clarify information on the Web-site.

5.17 The services booked by the Customer on the Web-site are regulated by the rules established by the Provider of a service. If the Provider provides the service to the Customer directly, this creates a direct relationship "Customer-Provider".

If the Customer orders services from the Provider on the Web-site, E-Bilet.eu does not guarantee their:

  • quality;
  • scope;
  • timeliness of provision;
  • actual provision.

5.18 In no case shall E-Bilet.eu be responsible for:

  • unfavorable weather conditions in the host countries and force majeure circumstances;
  • cases resulting from the violation by the Customer (passenger) of the rules of conduct;
  • loss or theft of Customer’s luggage, things, documents, money, valuables;
  • deportation of Customers.

5.19 In the event of a public declaration of bankruptcy by the carrier and/or initiation by a court of the case on the Carrier’s bankruptcy and/or receipt by the Agency of a notification from IATA suspending the carrier's participation in the BSP system, the Customer shall address the refund requests directly to the Carrier. The Agency has the right not to refund the passenger for unused tickets of such a Carrier and shall not be liable for damage caused to the passenger by the actions of the Carrier.

The only reason for the relationship between the Customer and E-bilet.eu is booking of the service placed by the Providers on the Web-site.

The fee of E-Bilet.eu for services booked by the Customer is non-refundable, as the services are recognized as duly delivered.

6. Traveling abroad

The Customer, but not E-Bilet.eu, assumes all responsibility for the independent preparation of all necessary documents for the upcoming trip.

In this case, only the Customer, but not E-Bilet.eu, guarantees the correctness and completeness of the documents required for:

  • departure and arrival;
  • transit flight and passage along the entire route.

Only the Customer, but not E-Bilet.eu, is responsible for correctness and availability of:

  • permits required to travel abroad;
  • valid passports;
  • powers of attorney;
  • other documents.

The Customer and/or the passenger shall bear full responsibility for not knowing and/or non-compliance with all or part of the necessary legal requirements of:

  • the country of departure;
  • transit;
  • stops and arrival.

When starting to purchase ticket (s) and traveling, the Customer shall make sure that they have all the necessary documents available.

If more detailed information is required, you can use the web-sites of the Providers, and/or the Web-site:

  • https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Ministry of Transport of their country (country of departure).

When placing an Order for the transportation by international flights of the carriers, the Customer shall ensure the availability of a visa valid for the full route of the international flight being executed.

In this case, the Customer shall understand the risk of deportation by the states through the territory of which the transportation route passes, in case of violation by the Customer of the following:

  • visa regime;
  • customs and/or immigration rules of foreign countries included in the transportation route;
  • other rules of the states in the territory of which the Customer is or will be.

In no case can E-Bilet.eu guarantee the Customer the safety of trips to international destinations organized by the Providers, and E-Bilet.eu is not liable for the negative events arising from such trips, including but not limited to:

  • occurrence of damage;
  • incurring any losses and damages.

7. Booking, Payment, Exchange and Return of Flight Ticket

Actions for the registration of a flight ticket on the Web-site are carried out by the user independently. Due to the automated processing of the Order by the Web-site, E-Bilet.eu does not participate in the process of registration in terms of substitution of the Customer's actions, including the fact that in the absence of the Customer's authorization E-Bilet.eu does not make instead of the Customer the following:

  • adding any data;
  • changes in information.

When preparing for the purchase of a ticket, including in the process of booking (payment) a flight ticket, the Customer undertakes to familiarize themselves with the following information on the Web-site and on the official website of the corresponding Provider:

  • terms of the IATA agreement https://www.iatatravelcentre.com/tickets
  • rules of tariff application;
  • terms of return and/or exchange of the service/tariff selected by the Client, and established by the Providers (airlines) in the section "Rules of tariff application".

The rules of application, in the same form in which they are provided by the Booking System and the Provider, are displayed on the ordering page.

The Customer shall keep in mind that the method of booking the Provider's services (directly on the Provider's website or with the help of the respective Provider's agents) may affect the terms of such services.

By purchasing the Service of the Provider, you express your full consent and readiness to adhere to the following established by the Provider:

  • rules;
  • terms;
  • restrictions.

The Customer and the User understand and agree that any non-compliance with the Provider's rules carries a potential risk of:

  • cancellation of the booking;
  • refusal of the Provider to provide goods or services without reimbursement of costs incurred by the Customer and/or the User, including previously paid costs.

The Customer accepts that the purchase is unambiguously interpreted as their agreement with all corresponding terms, rules and restrictions of the Provider. If the Customer has difficulties in understanding the rules established by the Provider, the Customer shall contact the customer support service of the Provider in order to clarify the information.

When placing an order, the Customer and the User shall provide reliable, up-to-date and complete information about passengers.

Due to the specifics that are present in the principles of the Booking Systems, it is possible to prohibit making any changes to the already issued order, relating to information about any of the passengers.

As soon as the Customer has finished placing an order for air transportation, all the information provided by the Customer will be processed automatically, and the Booking System will generate the tickets ordered by the Client in the same mode.

The rules established by the corresponding Provider shall apply to the ordered air transportation.

The fact of execution of an agreement between the Customer and the Carrier is confirmed by an automatically generated ticket.

If the information provided by the Customer when placing an order has undergone any changes, this may lead to the cancellation of the Order and/or ordered tickets. The only way to adjust the information related to the Order is to place a new Order in accordance with the rules of application of the selected tariff provided by the Provider.

When returning funds for an Order placed in error, the corresponding rules of the Provider shall apply. At the same time, the Customer is subject to penalties, and the Company fee paid for the canceled Order is not refunded to the Customer.

When returning funds for the Order from some Providers, there may be a legal requirement for the Customer to present a bank card from which the funds were debited as payment for the flight ticket during check-in for the passenger's flight.

If the Customer is the so-called "Double Booking" - when a specific Customer has two or more bookings for the same flight on one or more dates - the Provider has the right without notice, unilaterally cancel the reservation or order.

Cancellation of all other bookings before purchasing a ticket will help, as well as withholding from the generation of new bookings after placing an Order will help to avoid double booking.

Booking and registration of tickets can be made exclusively in the offices and representative offices of airline, if tickets are intended for:

  • a minor traveling unaccompanied by an adult;
  • a passenger who is unable to move independently;
  • a passenger with handicapped sight and/or hearing;
  • a pregnant woman in late terms of pregnancy.

E-Bilet.eu, acting as an agent of the Providers, is authorized to provide customers with booking and ticketing services.

The fact of E-Bilet.eu providing services is an issued ticket, for which E-Bilet.eu as an agent of the Providers may receive an additional fee in the form of an agency fee already included in the cost of services.

As E-Bilet.eu provides the services during the ticket processing procedure, successful ordering entails the impossibility of returning the agency fee paid by the Customer.

Support level: Basic Standard Comfort
Fee for Standard Additional Services €15 (fifteen Euros) per every request for any Standard Additional Service per Booking €15 (fifteen Euros) per every request for any Standard Additional €15 (fifteen Euros) per every request for any Standard Additional
Service Package included (see below) NONE PLUS SERVICES PREMIUM SERVICES
Customer Care Service – availability of telephone support channel BASIC EXTENDED EXTENDED
Customer Care Service - caller priority LOW MEDIUM HIGH
Customer Care Service – availability of email support channel YES YES YES
Voluntary flight ticket exchange/refund/reissue EUR 30 (thirty) to each Passenger’s account (except for infants) NONE NONE
Quick refund to passenger`s account NONE NONE YES

7.1. Amendments to the Terms and Conditions of Service Provision.

All offers, prices, service types and terms and conditions thereof, as well as Rules for Service Provision/Fare Rules are subject to changes without notification to the Customer, depend on the time frames, availability of seats and terms of pre-Order, dates of travel, duration of stay, weekends and holidays, seasonal fluctuations in prices, waiting lists, as well as force majeure circumstances, and/or are subject to other changes, conditions and restrictions. The Agency shall inform the Users of the change of terms and scope of the services or the inability to fully or partially provide the paid service, by sending an email or an SMS, only upon receipt of such information from the Service Providers/Carriers. If the Agency does not receive such information from the Service Providers/Carriers, the Agency shall be released from any liability to the User.

7.2 Customer registration data (service / delivery of goods) - the service is provided online. Tickets will be issued and sent to the customer by mail after receipt of payment.

8. Flights - Combined Tariffs

This travel option includes flights/sections that will be issued in segments, i.e. with separate tickets.

When issuing tickets at the "combined tariff", the Agency notifies Passengers with a warning on the ordering page.

The passenger has the right to choose an alternative travel option that is not a "combined tariff".

Tickets issued under the rules of the combined tariff have a number of features that must be considered when making a purchase. Different fare rules may apply for each ticket/segment in the "combined tariff" and on round trip flights the following may differ:

  • rules for making changes to dates, names and last names, and other passenger data;
  • provisions on acceptance and cancellation of tickets;
  • rules of luggage and hand luggage transportation, conditions for the provision of special and additional services;
  • terms of changes and return of flight tickets in case of cancellation/postponement of the flight due to the Carrier’s fault. In case of cancellation/postponement of the flight, the airline will offer a return or alternative travel only on the ticket, issued for the canceled/delayed flight and for each passenger separately. If the order includes a second ticket, it remains unchanged;
  • conditions of forced return and changes at the request of the Passenger. Requests for returns or changes due to: illness, death of a passenger or their close relative, rejected visa application, will be considered by each airline individually, separately for each ticket, and for each passenger.

9. Guarantee of Connection

9.1. The guarantee of connection applies only to flights marked with: guarantee of connection.

Currently, the guarantee is provided only for bookings in which the passenger has already departed (started the trip, the day of departure). In case of cancellations/postponements of the flight before departure - return or alternative flights are offered in accordance with the rules of the airline.

9.2. Guarantees for flights are provided in case of changes in the route schedule only for connecting flights, when they are issued within one ticket (route receipt), but under different orders, i.e. for orders with more than one locator.

9.3. General provisions:

  • 1. Communication on resolving cases related to changes in flight information is carried out exclusively between the person who has purchased the ticket and the E-bilet service.
  • 2. Guarantees are provided by the provider of low-cost content.
  • 3. Coordination of the options provided by the Provider with the end user of air transportation is carried out by the Agent.
  • 4. The guarantee for low-cost flights does not apply under force majeure circumstances: natural disasters, epidemics (including covid-19), martial law, situations of political instability, meteorological conditions incompatible with the operation of the corresponding flights, security threats, unexpected traffic safety violations and shocks that affect the operator, significant restrictions on the airport (airports), operation of bus and railway stations and/or other places of transfer (transit), as well as bankruptcy and/or failure or termination of 50% or more of all flights of the selected carrier or any other result of circumstances that significantly limit or suspend the selected or current Carrier in provision of its services (hereinafter referred to as "Force Majeure").

9.4. Situations where low-cost airline guarantees are applicable:

1. If information about changes in the flight is provided to the Passenger (E-bilet.eu) at the beginning of the trip (departure day):

  • A. If the Passenger is satisfied with the change, the agent will be given new tickets (boarding passes) by e-mail.
  • B. If the Passenger is not satisfied with the change, they decide for themselves whether they want to return the money or an alternative is suitable for them, and about such a decision the Customer shall notify as soon as possible by mail.
  • C. The passenger, if necessary, will be offered an alternative or an alternative with a surcharge. If none of the alternatives is suitable for the Passenger, a refund will be made by the carrier in full without deductions for the entire route, except for the service fee of the Agency, unless the passenger has purchased a Standard or Comfort package of services.
  • D. If the Passenger agrees to the alternative and it provides for hotel accommodation, transfers, the Provider will book and offer these services by itself.

2. If the flight changes occur after the departure of the first segment on the Passenger’s route - the Passenger shall promptly notify the Agent in writing - by e-mail or via chat on the site.

  • A. If the change is acceptable for the Passenger, the Agent is provided with new tickets (boarding passes) by e-mail / available source of communication - Viber, Telegram, chat on the site.
  • B. If the changes are not acceptable for the Passenger, they decide for themselves whether they want to return the money or they are ready to consider an alternative.
  • C. The passenger will be offered the alternatives. If none of the alternatives suits the Passenger, the refund will be made in full, except for the Agency's service fee, unless the Passenger has purchased the Standard or Comfort service package.
  • D. If the Passenger agrees to the alternative and it provides for hotel accommodation, transfers, the Provider will book and offer these services by itself.

9.5. Situations when low-cost airline guarantees are NOT applicable:

Guarantees for flights are not provided when changes are made in the schedule for:

  • connecting flights, when they are issued as part of one booking (locator),
  • round-trip flights, when they are issued as part of both a single booking (PNR) and different bookings (PNR),
  • one-way trips OW.

Carriers operating these flights bear full responsibility for all possible problems associated with them. If you have problems with changes in the schedule of such flights, you should contact the airline that operates these flights.

9.6. In case of violation of the sequence of use of flight segments under one airline booking, the passenger may be prohibited to use any of the following flights.

9.7. In order to clarify the conditions of a specific carrier, the Passenger shall read its policy, as E-bilet.eu bears no responsibility for any inconvenience that may occur to the Passenger as a result of violation of the sequence of flights.

10. Flight Tickets Service.

10.1. Flight Ticket Cancellation, Refund and Change

10.1.1. If the Customer wants to exchange the flight ticket or receive a refund, the decision about the refund amount and fines to be imposed shall be made solely by the Carrier on a case by case basis. Such a decision will be subject to the Rules of Service Provision, Fare Rules in relation to a specific flight ticket and internal rules of the Carrier. In case of a ticket exchange/refund, additional charges for the provision of services by the Carrier may be applied in addition to the fines.

10.1.2. If the Customer wants to exchange the flight ticket or be refunded (excluding fines and charges of the Carriers), the Agency reserves the right to charge a Service Fee for its services as follows: in the amount of EUR 30 (thirty) to each Passenger’s account (except for infants) for ticket reissue/exchange service; in the amount of EUR 30 (thirty) to each Passenger’s account (except for infants) for ticket refund service. Besides, if possible and allowed by the Carrier, the Agency may correct the errors in passport details, previously entered by the passenger. Such correction may be applied to passport serial number, its expiry date (if any), and Passenger's nationality, except Passenger's first and last names. The Agency charges each Passenger a Service Fee of 15 Euro per Passenger (except for children under the age of two) for each correction of the above mentioned details.

10.1.3. If the Customer decides to exchange the ticket or receive a refund, the Service Fee shall not be charged by the Agency. If the ticket is exchanged or a refund is issued for other reasons, the corresponding consequences will be defined by the legislation and the Rules of Service Provision/Fare Rules and internal rules of each particular Carrier.

10.1.4. In case if the flight ticket is void/exchanged/refunded, the Service Fee of the Agency, as well as surcharges for funds transfer shall not be refunded.

10.1.5. In case of flight delay/cancellation, the Agency shall inform the Customer in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Carrier using the contact details provided by the Customer in the Booking.

10.1.6. The Customer shall post a request for changes in flight tickets or a refund on the Web-site in the “My account” section. The possibility of changes or a refund shall be considered and the amount to be refunded shall be calculated as of the date and time when the application for flight ticket refund or its exchange is posted. If the Customer sends a request for ticket exchange/refund to the Customer Care Service e-mail [email protected], the Customer Care Service will recommend to post the request for ticket exchange/refund in the "My account”" section or via email [email protected], since the Customer Care Service has no information on the Fare Rules, does not make calculations on the amount due for ticket exchange/refund, or any additionally payable fees - these calculations are performed by other departments of the Agency that do not directly contact the Customer/Passenger. Some change requests (post-sale support) might be limited in time due to restrictions imposed by the Carriers and can be submitted within a limited period of time before the flight date/time. Detailed information about these time restrictions are shown on the Web-site when such a request is posted. If the Customer submits a request 48 hours before the departure of the first flight, or later, the Agency will not provide assistance in processing such a request for changes in the flight tickets, since the Agency will not be able to process such request within such a time period. In this case the Customer will interact directly with the corresponding Carrier.

10.1.7. The Agency shall accept the request for changes in the flight tickets and transfer to the Carrier for confirmation and/or clarification within 72 hours upon receipt of the payment confirmation from the Customer. As a rule, the Carriers review the requests for changes in flight tickets within 3-10 business days. The Carriers independently determine the terms for reviewing such requests. The Agency shall only send the corresponding requests to the Carrier and shall not be liable to the Purchaser if the Carrier delays the review of such request. When the Carrier provides the response, the Agency informs the Customer within 24 hours.

10.1.8. A flight ticket can be canceled only after the Customer confirms via email [email protected], the terms and conditions of cancellation/refund/calculated refundable amounts. The Customer shall confirm the cancellation on the Web-site in a timely manner, and shall incur all related damages in case of delay. Please, note that some flight tickets are non-refundable and cancellation procedures will not be applicable in accordance with the Fare Rules and internal policies of the Carriers.

10.1.9. The Agency shall calculate the amount for the canceled flight ticket within 24 hours, taking into account the Carrier’s service fees and Agency Service Fee and the cost of request processing. As a rule, the Carrier’s penalties are not applied in such cases. The Customer will be informed about the Agency Service Fee when confirming the refundable amount. When the calculated refundable amount is confirmed, the Agency shall forward the cancellation request to the Carrier for approval. The Carrier determines the final refundable amount and the applicable penalties, if any. Please, note that the Carrier is entitled to reject the refund request for a flight ticket, if its penalties are not applied. In this case, the Customer can apply for the flight ticket cancellation in accordance with the Fare Rules. The Carriers independently determine the final refundable amount and the duration for processing the cancellation requests. The Agency only submits the corresponding requests and the Carrier makes its final decision and the Agency shall not be liable to the Customer in case the Carrier delays the consideration of the request or offers a different refundable amount (including lesser amount) as compared to the amount calculated by the Agency and confirmed by the Customer. The Agency may inform the Customer about the additional conditions of ticket cancellation via email [email protected], when the request for a refund/exchange is submitted.

10.1.10. The funds for airline tickets which were paid to the Carrier are refunded in accordance with the rules set forth by the Carrier. The Agency may charge a Service Fee for the Service of airline ticket refund, when money was paid directly to the Carrier. If the Agency’s Service fee exceeds the amount to be refunded, the Agency may charge 50% (fifty percent) of the amount to be refunded per passenger (except infants) as a Service Fee. The amount is refunded according to the procedure stipulated in Clause 10 hereof.

10.1.11. The funds paid for the unused flight ticket shall be refunded in the same manner as the payment for the Booking and in accordance with these Terms.

10.1.12. If the payment for flight tickets is made directly to the Agency, such amount will be refunded after the Agency receives the refund from the Carrier. The Agency has no influence on the refund by the Carrier. If the payment is made directly to the Carrier, as a rule the refund takes from seven to sixty business days to appear in the Customer’s statement, while the Agency has no influence on the refund by the Carrier. The refund period is calculated from the date when the Customer confirms the amount to be refunded by e mail [email protected].

10.1.13. If the Passenger does not arrive at the airport and fails to inform the Carrier in advance of changes to their trip, the Carrier has the right to cancel the booking not only in respect of the first flight segment, but in respect of all the segments of the route and in respect of the return flight without notifying the Passenger. To avoid cancellation of tickets, the passenger shall contact the Customer Care Service or the Carrier.

10.1.14. The Passenger will be informed about the conditions of a refund for the ordered additional services of the Carriers (for example, payment for excess baggage) after the refund is requested and such conditions are regulated by the agreement between the Passenger and the corresponding Carrier.

10.2 Flight Tickets Service. Peculiarities of Flight Tickets Issued per Each Segment and Multifares.

10.2.1. Before making a booking, the Customer shall be notified how the flight ticket will be issued and paid for (per each segment or multifare) according to the Fare Rules. The Customer shall familiarize themselves with the specified terms, and therefore shall make their choice of the Booking terms.

10.2.2. Multifare Booking. When buying flight tickets for two or more Passengers (at least two adults), the Customer may be offered to purchase flight tickets in different fare classes. The application of different fares to flight tickets allows to reduce the overall cost of the flight. In this case the different classes of ticket fares within one Booking will not influence the service class (business, economy). When booking multifare flight tickets, different Fare Rules may be applied for different Passengers within one Booking.

10.2.3. Issuance per Each Segment. The flight ticket shall be issued per each flight segment separately, and the Passenger has the option to make individual Bookings for each flight segment or select other conditions. When flight tickets are issued per each segment, different Fare Rules may be applied to different flight segments within one Booking.

10.2.4. The Rules of Service Provision /Fare Rules shall be applied to each flight ticket individually when the tickets are issued per each segment of the trip or for each Passenger in case of a multifare Booking. In this case, the following conditions may vary: cancellation of, making changes to, refund for flight tickets; rules for carriage of baggage, animal; terms and conditions of the Carriers’ additional services; conditions of refund or provision of flight alternatives when the flight is canceled/rescheduled due to the Carrier’s fault. In this case, the Passenger will be offered an alternative solution or a refund only for the flights within one ticket and for each Passenger separately;conditions for changes and flight ticket refund at the Passenger’s request. In this case, a change/refund request due to: (i) disease/death of the Passenger or their close relative, (ii) visa rejection, documents that provide grounds for the request, shall be considered for each ticket separately or for each Passenger individually.

10.3. Flight Tickets Service. Peculiarities of Flight Tickets of Low-Cost Carriers (Low-Cost Airlines)

10.3.1. The following terms and conditions shall be applied to the purchase of tickets for Low-Cost flights: when making the Booking, the Customer shall familiarize themselves with the Fare Rules of the corresponding Carriers on the payment page. The Customer’s account may be debited by the Carrier or the Agency. The Carriers may charge extra fees and commissions for payment transactions processing. The amount specified on the Website may differ from the amount that will be debited from the Customer’s payment card. This change in the price, including extra fees and commissions shall not be considered as the violation by the Agency. By making the Booking, the Customer agrees that they have been notified about conditions of flight ticket pricing and payment terms, and the Customer implicitly accepts such conditions. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Agency cannot be held liable for extra fees and commissions, charged by the Carrier, as the Agency only provides the information about pricing policies of the Carrier to the Customer, but the Agency does not participate in the development of the policy of interaction between the participants of the payment transactions after such transaction is formed and until the funds are debited from the Customer’s account, as well as when funds are transferred to the Customer’s account after a ticket refund. Payment shall be made by means of payment cards of the payment systems such as Visa and MasterCard. Currency may depend on the point of flight departure chosen by the Customer. The booking reference number confirmed by the Carrier shall be the proof of the right to take a flight. Generally, the Fare Rules of the Low-Cost Carriers do not envisage changes in a route, Passenger’s last name, first name or paternal name. The paid flight ticket shall be non-refundable. The Carrier is entitled to apply special conditions to baggage allowances and check-in, as defined in the Fare Rules, or on the Low-Cost Carrier’s website.

10.3.2. Purchasing a paid "Standard" or "Comfort" package does not guarantee the possibility to change or cancel the flight ticket, unless it is envisaged by the rules of application of airline tariffs.

10.3.3. The cost of additional services, such as automatic registration or paid support levels ("Comfort", "Premium") is not refundable in the following cases:

  • voluntary full or partial return of the ticket;
  • in cases of forced return of the flight ticket due to cancellation of the flight by the airline, illness of the passenger.

10.3.4. The Agency is entitled to request from the Customer, who initiates a refund, the copies of supporting documents: ID documents (e.g., passport), certificates and other documents confirming the reasons for a refund, as well as to provide a bank statement in case of any financial disputes. When submitting a Service refund request, the Customer shall provide the detailed reasons for Service refund. The Customer shall bear full and sole responsibility for failure to submit the required documents, as well as for failure to provide the sufficient reasons for the Service refund.

10.3.5. The Provider has the right to cancel the booking for the following sections of the route or return flight, if the Customer has violated the established procedure for the use of flight segments in the ticket issued on one form.

10.3.6. A flight segment means a part of a flight route consisting of one direct flight between two points.

10.3.7. Violation of the order of use of flight segments means the purchase of a flight ticket for a route consisting of two or more flights, while the Customer at its own discretion travels only on a part of the route.

10.3.8. In case the Customer fails to arrive for flight registration ("no-show") on multi-segment tickets, the Provider may cancel his seats on all subsequent flights as a sanction for such violation by the Customer.

10.3.9. If the Customer in such a situation wishes to return the cost of the purchased ticket, the corresponding rules of the Provider will be applied, and the Customer faces the following adverse consequences:

  • payment of fines in the amount of up to 100% of the cost of flight tickets;
  • no refund of the Company's fee for the services provided by it for the issuance of tickets returned.

10.3.10. Acting only as an agent of the Carriers, the Company may not provide services for the direct provision of air transportation.

10.3.11. The Company is not:

  • aircraft charterer;
  • tour operator.

10.3.12. Without the authority to guarantee the quality and proper performance by the Providers of the services provided by them, E-Bilet.eu shall bear no responsibility for their actions and omissions that led to such consequences, but not limited to:

  • aircraft replacement;
  • changes in the schedule;
  • transfer of a passenger for transportation to another carrier;
  • change or cancellation of current tariffs;
  • removal of booking or change of its validity;
  • flights cancellation;
  • flights delay;
  • failure to provide connections at transfer airports;
  • loss of luggage and/or personal belongings of passengers;
  • loss of working capacity by the Customer/Passenger.

11. Payment

The tariff is guaranteed upon receipt of funds on the Company's current account no later than 23:00 of the current day. If the booking is redeemed on another day, its price, which depends on the exchange rate, may increase/decrease.

The Company shall not be responsible for the increase of the fare if after the end of the current day from the moment of booking the airline removes the unredeemed seats, and the possibility to rebook at the same price is not available.

We do not store your bank card details.

The method of payment for the Order, which is the best for this Service and this type of Service, and is available for use on the Web-site at the time of payment, is chosen by the Buyer independently.

Payment methods, not envisaged and not available on the Web-site to make and confirm payment, are not accepted by the Web-site.

By choosing the method of payment by bank card, the user agrees that the Agency/ Service Provider/ Carrier/ Payment System can process the personal information related to the payment cards and transferred during the transfer of funds for the selected service, including:

  • card number;
  • card validity period;
  • CVC/CVV code;
  • name of the payment card holder.

At the discretion of the Agency, either one or several methods of payment for the Order are provided, depending on:

  • the type of specific service included in the Order;
  • the terms of the agreement executed between the Agency and the specific Carrier/ Service Provider.

In this case, all payment methods on the Web-site may be changed or deleted at any time by the Provider at its discretion, without prior and other notice, as well as without making changes to the Agreement.

By choosing and confirming the method of payment for the Order, the Buyer thus authorizes to write off the full cost of the Order indicated on the Web-site via the chosen method of payment from the payment card/bank account specified by them, including:

  • service fees;
  • commissions;
  • possible surcharges for the transfer of funds;
  • amount of possible conversion and exchange rate differences that will be applied to the payment for the specified Order.

Besides, by these actions the Buyer entitles the Web-site to use the provided payment and personal data for:

  • purchase of services ordered by the Customer;
  • processing of payments being refunded;
  • fulfillment of the terms of this Agreement and your Order;
  • for other purposes, if necessary.

The Customer (Payer) is aware of and agrees that at the time of payment for the Order the Agency does not have information on the amount of additional costs for processing payment transactions.

The Agency has the right to request from the Client, and the Client has the obligation to provide a bank statement to resolve disputed financial issues on:

  • payment for the Providers’ services/ Orders/ services of the Agency;
  • refund in connection with the refusal from the Providers’ services/ Orders/ services of the Agency;
  • resolution of other disputed financial issues.

The Customer, choosing one of the methods of payment for the Order, understands that the Agency is not the owner of these funds, but only their recipient to pay for services and transfers these funds to the corresponding Carrier or Service Provider.

Until the confirmation of the Order by means of a payment card / bank account, the Buyer shall ensure the availability of the required amount of funds (sufficient balance to cover all costs, including additional) required for:

  • payment of the Order in full;
  • payment of possible additional costs associated with payment processing, currency conversion or exchange rate differences.

In case of insufficient funds on the Buyer’s payment card / bank account, the Agency bears no responsibility for the material costs of the Buyer in case of cancellation.

The procedure to create or place an Order may result in blocking and debiting funds from the account/card.

The Agency/Carrier or the service provider have the right to debit funds from the payment card:

  • in single payment;
  • in several payments (for each ticket separately, or when booking several tickets/hotel rooms at the same time, or when ordering several services at the same time - for each service separately).

The funds may be written off:

  • at the time of creating the Order;
  • within 30 (thirty) or more days after confirmation of the Order in accordance with the rules of the Service Provider / Carrier.

In order to ensure the debiting of funds from the payment card by the Agency or the Service Provider/Carrier, the Buyer shall take all necessary measures until the actual debiting of funds from their account, including removing restrictions and limits of the issuing bank.

The payment card holder shall prevent the use of the payment card by persons who do not have the legal right or authority to do so, and shall use it in accordance with:

  • legal requirements;
  • terms of the agreement executed with the issuing bank.

To prevent illegal use of payment cards when the payment is made, the Agency checks the legality of payment transactions of all Orders issued and paid by payment card on the Site, by all available reasonable means using, but not limited to:

  • payment security rules and standards;
  • anti-fraud checks available on the Web-site.

In case there are sufficient grounds to suspect a transaction on a payment card doubtful / fraudulent, the Agency is entitled:

  • to refuse to provide services to the Buyer;
  • to request additional copies of documents of the payment card holder.

To identify the owner and the rights of the Buyer to use a payment card to pay for services on the Web-site, the Agency has the right to request the Buyer to provide a copy of the following:

  • passport or ID card
  • both sides of the payment card (hidden CVC/CVV-code, the card number is clearly visible, including its first six and last four digits).

At the request of the Agency, the Buyer shall send these copies by e-mail in the amount, term and format established by the Agency.

If the deadline for providing copies of documents is violated, or there are doubts about their authenticity, the Agency has the right, without explaining the reasons, to cancel the Order.

In this case, the value of the Order paid by the Buyer is returned to their payment card with simultaneous unblocking of the funds blocked on the Buyer's card.

As the Agency conducts verification of payment transactions for the Services only during its working hours, transactions ordered at other times may be processed on the next business day. The Agency shall not be responsible for all costs associated with such verifications.

All settlements between the Agency and the Buyer are made in Euros, and between the Buyer and the corresponding Service Providers/Carriers - according to the rules of settlement established by them or the issuing banks. In this case, the currency of debiting funds from the Buyer's account may be different than that set on the Web-site.

When making a booking, the Customer, having given their consent, unconditionally accepts and confirms that they are informed about the following:

  • terms of Order value formation;
  • established currency of debiting funds from the account;
  • terms of payment.

The Buyer shall bear full and sole responsibility for:

  • all commission costs;
  • the amount of possible transitions and exchange rate differences;
  • other certain costs that may be added to the value of the Order by the issuer of the payment card / payment system, the operator of the payment infrastructure services.

It is the Buyer's responsibility to familiarize themselves with:

  • rules, tariffs and commissions of the bank;
  • exchange rates and conversions that can be applied to the payment for the Order on the Web-site.

The Customer hereby acknowledges and accepts that the Agency, only providing the information on the Carrier's pricing policy to the Buyer, but not participating in the formation of the policy of interaction between the participants, servicing payment transactions from the moment of their formation to debiting funds from the Buyer's account, as well as when crediting the funds to the account as a result of the return of documents confirming the service in cases of additional transfers and exchange rate differences, does not reimburse the Buyers for costs incurred.

To obtain information on all the details of a future payment transaction, the Agency recommends consulting a qualified specialist of the payment card issuing bank immediately before paying for the services.

Information on the cost of tickets in other currencies is available on the Web-site. This information is based on publicly available sources and is not an offer.

Exchange rates are not always updated on a daily basis, so actual prices in other currencies may not be relevant, being different from the actual exchange rate for an individual payment transaction.

13. Railway tickets

13.1. The E-Bilet.eu ticket database coincides with the Ukrzaliznytsia database to provide customers with the most up-to-date information on available seats and prices.

13.2. Actions for the registration of a railway ticket on the Web-site are carried out by the user independently. Due to the automated processing of the order by the Web-site, E-Bilet.eu does not participate in the registration process in terms of replacing the Customer's actions.

13.3. After paying for the order, your e-ticket will be sent to the e-mail specified in the user's data, and the ticket can be printed or saved on the order page.

13.4. E-ticket is a travel document that must be presented when boarding the train in any convenient way (printed ticket, ticket on the screen of a smartphone or other device) to the conductor to scan the QR-code. Deferred ticket is an order form with a 16-digit code that must be exchanged at the box office (dictated or shown on any medium) for a travel document. Exchange is possible only at railway ticket offices in Ukraine no later than 15 minutes before the departure of the train. Pay attention! The "E-Ticket" type is indicated on the search results page above the train details. If such information is absent, then only deferred tickets can be purchased for the selected train.

13.5. Railway tickets are not subject to exchange.

13.6 Railway tickets are returned only in Ukrzaliznytsia ticket offices. E-Bilet.eu does not make refunds directly to the card, and does not participate in issuing refunds.

13.7 The amount to be refunded is calculated and determined by the rules and tariffs of Ukrzaliznytsia. The service fee of the Agency is non-refundable.

14. Software

14.1. All HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other software present on this Web-site are protected by copyright law and international agreements and are the property of:

  • E-Bilet.eu company;
  • our Partners;
  • Providers.

14.2. Any reproduction or distribution of the software is strictly prohibited under the threat of civil and/or criminal liability.


15.1. These Terms and all the relations arising from or related to these Terms, including validity, execution, fulfillment, amendment, termination, interpretation of its terms and conditions, determination of consequences of declaring the Agreement void or breach of the Agreement, shall be governed by these Terms. If the dispute settlement provisions herein are not sufficient, the Agency reserves the right to apply the provisions which govern similar relations. Relations between the parties, not provided for herein, but similar to those arising from these Terms and/or in connection with its execution, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the substantive and procedural laws the Republic of Estonia, rules, regulations, guidelines, provisions, recommendations, IATA resolutions and other acts (or other authorized regulatory organizations), as well applicable international law regulations.

15.2. All disputes arising in connection with these Terms shall be settled through negotiations between the parties. The pre-trial hearing of disputes is binding on the parties. If the parties fail to resolve any dispute through negotiations, the party that considers its rights to have been infringed shall send a pre-trial claim to the other party. The period for pre-trial claim consideration shall be 30 (thirty) business days upon receipt. If the party that considers its rights to have been infringed does not receive a response to the pre-trial claim within 30 (thirty) business days, or if the answer does not satisfy the party, such party may file a court suit in accordance with the rules of jurisdiction established by the legislation of the Republic of Estonia and international law regulations. Shall either party file a case breaching the mandatory pre-trial proceeding set forth here, such a claim shall not be considered.

16. External links

16.1. All links to other websites contained in any part of this Web-site are provided for informational purposes only, without warranty of any kind.

16.2. The Web-site does not control and bears no responsibility for such websites and their content.


17.1. The Agency shall not be liable for failure to perform its obligations hereunder in full or in part in case of force majeure circumstances . All offers, prices, service types and terms hereof, as well as the Rules of Service Provision/Fare Rules may:

  • be changed without any notification to the Customer;
  • be limited or available during specific periods of time;
  • be subject to the availability of seats and terms of the pre-Order, dates of travel, duration of stay at a destination, weekends and holidays, seasonal fluctuations in prices, waiting lists, as well as strikes and temporary failure or shutdown of the booking systems; and/or
  • be changed due to other changes, conditions and restrictions.

The Agency shall inform the Users about the changes in the terms and scope of the services or the inability to provide the paid service in full or in part by sending an email or SMS, subject to receiving such information from the Service Providers/Carriers. If the Agency does not receive the mentioned information from the Service Providers/Carriers, the Agency shall be released from all liability to the User.

17.2. Force majeure circumstances are the events that prevent or objectively hinder the fulfillment of the terms hereof, and are extraordinary, inevitable and unpredictable in nature, and which the Parties cannot foresee or prevent by reasonable measures. Such circumstances include inter alia: acts of God, disruptions in the networks, black-outs, interruptions in work and access to the Internet and other communication networks, interruptions in the operation of the Website, server and software failures and hacker attacks, circumstances caused by software updates, scheduled and unscheduled technical and preventive measures on the Web-site, acts or orders of state authorities, significant adverse changes in any applicable laws, currency restrictions, local or national emergencies, unpredictable actions or omission of third parties who are not the party to the Agreement and/or which occur independently of the will and desire of a party to the Agreement, the threat of war, armed conflict or serious threat of the conflict, including but not limited to enemy attacks, blockade, military embargo, acts of foreign enemy, general military mobilization, martial law, declared and undeclared war, acts of public enemy, disturbance, acts of terrorism, sabotage, piracy, riots, invasion, blockade, revolution, rebellion, insurrection, curfews, expropriation, forced removal, takeovers, requisition, public demonstrations, strike, accident, wrongful acts of third parties, epidemics, fire, explosion, long breaks in transport operations, embargo, prohibition (restriction) of export/import, conditions which are governed by the corresponding resolutions and acts of state and local governments, as well as the circumstances related to the aftermath caused by exceptional weather conditions and unforeseen situations or other circumstances beyond the reasonable control of the parties.

17.3. In the event of a force majeure, the Agency shall notify the Website Users within 5 (five) calendar days about the nature of such circumstances and their possible duration, by placing a corresponding warning on the Website or sending an email (or by any other means at the discretion of the Agency).

17.4. The term of fulfillment of the obligations hereunder shall be extended for the period equal to the duration of such force majeure event. If the force majeure lasts for more than 14 (fourteen) calendar days, the parties may negotiate on the issue of failure to fulfill the obligations hereunder, and in case the parties fail to reach an agreement, either of the parties has the right to request the termination of this Agreement.

18. Final Provisions

18.1. In case of violation of this Agreement, any law and/or the rights of third parties, you agree to protect E-Bilet.eu and its employees from any:

  • claims;
  • lawsuits;
  • claims for damages, losses, fines and other expenses of any kind;
  • requirements, including but not limited to accounting and legal costs incurred by third parties.

18.2. If any jurisdiction does not recognize all the terms of this Agreement, such use of the Web-site is illegal.

18.3. Upon acceptance of this Agreement and when using this Web-site, you agree to the absence between you and E-Bilet.eu of:

  • joint venture;
  • partnership;
  • labor relations.

18.4. The User agrees that, to the extent permitted by the applicable law, you are liable for any claim or suit hereunder for 3 (three) years from the date of access to or use of the Web-site.

18.5. If any part of this Agreement is deemed invalid, illegal or void, this does not entail the annulment of the validity, legality and applicability of other provisions.

18.6. At any time by refusing or delaying the performance of any provision of this Agreement, we reserve the right to apply the same or any other provision of this Agreement in the future.

18.7. This Agreement, as well as any other provisions hereof, is the entire agreement between you and E-Bilet.eu with respect to this Web-site.

18.8. The Agreement replaces all previous notices and proposals submitted in relation to this Web-site between the Customer and E-Bilet.eu by:

  • email;
  • verbally or in writing.

18.9. The electronic form of this Agreement and any communication under or relating to this Agreement, to the same extent and under the same conditions as other business documents and records originally created and stored in hard copy, may be submitted in printed version for the purposes of judicial or administrative proceedings.

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